Monday, March 26, 2007

Warm Weather and Lots of Food

Except for the occasional steroid induced mood-swing, Izzy was a very happy girl today. We all took advantage of the warmer weather that never seemed like it was going to come and spent some fun times outside.

Another side effect of Izzy's treatment is a barbarous hunger. She asks for food all day long. Kerri and I both are amazed at how it all fits in such a tiny body. Along with the food requests come a lot of requests for Mom. I have tried to buffer some of these requests by asking Izzy what she needs when she asks for Mom. Today she responded by saying, "Geez Louis, Dad. I said Mom. Why do you keep answering when I ask for Mom? It's not fair." I guess it's not. :) Below she is enjoying one of the the many snacks of the day--baked potato with salad dressing.


Sara said...

I love the picture of Izzy chowing down! Next, you will be showing us pictures of her gnawing on a T-bone. :) We're all sending smiles your way.
Sara & all the fellas

joanne ludlow said...

Cory and Kerri-It's so fun to see your little famiily and how normal life can be for Izzy even though she is so life threatening sick. It's especially great for me to watch you because we love your sister Jenny so much and she is a part of our family too. We cry with her and laugh with her and love her so much and when she hurts for you we hurt for her. Watching you lets us know what wonderful parents Jenny and David will be because of your great example. Thanks for letting us share your joys of every good day. JoAnne and Paul LUdlow

Anonymous said...

Hey Guys, we love you so much!! Everyone is sounding in pretty good spirits and looking good. It was so wonderful talking to Kerri on Friday (you are so strong girl!) Let me know what I can do. Love you give hugs to all the girls from the Wheelers
Love Dan, Britten, Dawson, Annie.

Elsie said...

It's so good to see the girls have a great time! Izzy should tell me how to keep fit after eating all day long ^O^

Jenny Ludlow said...

I'm glad to see that MBA tuition is paying off with phrases like "barbarous hunger." Most impressive:) I love the pictures, and I love you guys!

dan and jess said...

Cory, the mask is a good look for you ;-) The wagon pic is soo adorable. Ryan looks so big! I didn't realize Izzy's jaw had hinges on it! She needed to beef up, the little mouse. I love the things they say at this age. One time, Dan had refused Devon his third popsicle or something, and Devon (veins popping out all over his neck) implored with all his might, "But Dad! Don't you know this country is FREE!?! I love it. Kerri, I am personally offended that your new favorite book isn't the one I sent...the nerve of some people preferring leukemia books over Deane Koontz.
Lots and lots of loves,
Dan and Jess