Wednesday, February 20, 2008

More Photos

Here are a few more shots that Myra Klarman, Izzy's photographer, posted on her blog. To see the full post go to:

Make-A-Wish threw Izzy a great party at Jump City to get her excited for Disney World. She was on steroids all that week and so took it a little easy at the party. But she was definitely excited and had a great time getting to meet 3 of her Make-A-Wish Stars (The group of U0fM students who are sponsoring Izzy's Disney World trip wish). I'm waiting for some pictures to post of it.

Meanwhile, stay tuned for Disney World pictures . We leave in 5 days! YEAH!!!!

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Fairy Princess Photo Shoot

Isadore was really lucky to be invited by Make-A-Wish to her very own photo shoot with a professional photographer. (Http:// Myra and Izzy became friends very fast and got some great shots! She sent me a "sneak peak" of the pictures:

Elephant Ears ( adorable kids clothing shop at Kerrytown (in Ann Arbor) was so awesome to let us come and model their clothes (the fairy costume Izzy is wearing was one of them) thanks to Myra's hook-ups being their photographer. The 2 owners treated Izzy like a star and showered her with gifts. We had so much fun! Stay tuned for more of the photo shoot. Izzy will be featured in Make-A-Wish brochures and possibly the Elephant Ears store.

And while I'm at it...Cory and I got to go to MBA formal. Like High School prom, the girls all met together to do hair and make-up before. Then we danced until we couldn't dance no mo' with our good friends the Ingmires and the Maynors. We had a blast! (I would just like to say thank-you to my wardrobe coordinators, the Costley Women; my make-up artist, Elizabeth; my hair coaches, Sara and Megan; my child educators, Ben and Telia; and my dashingly handsome Man in Black...who made this all possible :)