Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Little Hiccup

Izzy came down with a fever a week ago in which some heinous virus caused a 103/4 degree fever, her ANC to plummet down to 100, and her red blood cells to be completely anemic. She ended up with a 3 day hospital stay and a blood transfusion. With as good as she's been feeling, it was a little reminder that her body is still putting up with a lot.

Now her counts are almost all back to "normal" (up to par with maintenance expectations) and she is having fun swimming in Grandma and Grandpa Costley's pool and playing the day away.

We caught the end of the Bear Lake get-away after our hospital stay--all the sweeter after convincing our doctors to let us out of prison a bit earlier than planned.

Pile on Aunt KK

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Shredding on the Flowrider

We are in Utah now visiting my (Cory's) family. Izzy is doing really well, but has put on quite a bit of weight with this round of steroids. We are thinking that her body is finally trying to catch up with a imminent growth spurt on the way.

Yesterday we went with my family to play on something called the Flowrider. Here is a quote on what it is from the website. "The attraction operates by high volume pumps generating a continuous sheet of flowing water (approximately two-and one-half inches thick be up to thirty-four feet wide) over a specially designed soft riding surface. This stationary 'sheet wave' can be ridden just like a similarly shaped wave that moves in the ocean." Izzy had an amazing time shredding the "sheet wave." Here are some pictures of her mad skillz.




(After they shut the water off, Ryan got to play in the puddles for a bit.)

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Spinal Tap in Idaho

Izzy had her monthly spinal tap yesterday in Boise, Idaho. Kerri explained the process a couple of posts ago, but here are some pictures. We feel priveleged to be working with some great healthcare professionals again.



(As opposed to being accompanied by smiles as shown here, in the past this procedure was escorted by much discomfort and grief.)

Monday, June 2, 2008

Our New Home!!!

We are excited to report MISSION ACCOMPLISHED on our house-hunting trip to Dallas. We went knowing the area and price-range we wanted and were able to catch an LDS family with 6 kids right before they put their house on the market ready to meet our needs (not wanting to keep it clean and show it for 2 months). We couldn't be happier about it and are excited to live in the same neighborhood as Scott and Mindy and the Bairds, and close to the Strattons and the Stones...YEAHHH!!!

Izzy update: She has fought off a couple fevers and one ER trip while in Utah. Thanks to continued prayers her fever came down (which never happens) on its own while we were away in Dallas. Otherwise she is doing a pretty good job at keeping up with her Idaho cousins for now.