Sunday, May 11, 2008

Idaho Appointments

A quick note to let y'all know that we got Izzy through her first appointment in Idaho and were very happy with the doctors and facilities. For her spinal tap, they did things a little differently. They gave her Propopol--a drug that puts her to sleep instantly and she wakes up within 20 mintues or so...just long enough to retrieve her spinal fluid and replace it with some Methotrexate chemotherapy. We had to go to the NICU and have a whole team of doctors there for it to happen due to the increased risk of putting her out. Izzy woke up and I told her she could eat and she was very surprised and ecstatic she had already had the procedure done. Usually she has to scream it out for 5 minutes through the pain. We were excited about the change-up.

As for the rest of us: We are loving being with family in Idaho and Utah. We love and miss the rest of you. Cory and his Dad are having the time of their lives in Greece, Italy and France. Happy Mother's Day to all you amazing mammas out there!