Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Weekend Fever

We made a quick (of course quick is relative) ER run last weekend for a fever. Thankfully her ANC was really high due to us taking her off her chemo for the week since her counts were really low at the beginning of that week. Now she's doing really well again. I have seen her go from 3T clothes to almost growing out of her 4T clothes (that should be lasting a whole year) just over the summer. It's great to see her body finally trying to catch up. Here are some fun shots of what she's been up to:

McKinsey Kickball party--face paint being the best part!

Pumpkin patch with Aunt Jenny.
Blow-up slides with sisters. Hmmm, not really wondering where she got those germs :) She had a great time though!

Sleeping at the BYU vs. TCU game. I might as well have been too with how aweful we did :( I mean...go cougs!