Thursday, March 22, 2007

2nd Round of Chemo and Ensuing Battle Plan

Izzy's visit to the cancer clinic was a rough one today. They drew her blood, gave her a spinal tap, took bone biopsies and administered her chemo. They take the bone biopsies from her hips where her bum and lower back meet. To do the bone biopsies and spinal tap they dope her up so she is loopy and then a nurse proceeds to bend Izzy in to a ball and hold her there for a few minutes while they stick large needles in to her back. It was hard on Kerri and Izzy. However, they did find some comfort in a great play room that the cancer clinic has for the children.

Thank you all for the comments on the blog and other messages of support. We read them daily and really appreciate them.

Below is a calendar of Izzy's treatment plan for the next 5 weeks. They refer to these first 4 weeks as the induction period in which they are attempting to induce the cancer in to remission. They classify remission in Izzy's case as 5% or less cancerous cells in her bone marrow--hence the need for the bone biopsies which measure this percentage. She started at 85%.

The Thursdays in light red will be the tough days filled with chemo, spinal taps and bone biopsies. The Tuesdays will be relatively simple with just blood draws scheduled.

The consolidation period begins after the induction period. The consolidation period is a series of tests and chemo to make sure that her central nervous system is not affected by the cancer.

After the initial induction period and depending on how effective the chemo is against the cancer, Izzy's doctors will adjust the intensity of her treatment plan.

One change to our lifestyle is Izzy's twice a day doses of six medications. Below Lorin and she are getting psyched for the night's dosings.


Sara said...

Cory, Kerri, Lorin, Izzy, and Ryan -
We hope you are all hanging in there. It seems like your Thursdays are going to be tough for a while, but maybe you can think of it that each one you get through gets you one step closer to being finished! If you need anything at all, you know where to find us. In the meantime, I am sure we will be bothering you again soon. :) Sending prayers, positive thoughts, and lots of hugs!

Steve, Sara, Brandon, and Evan

Grandpa and Grandma Costley said...

It's KK in the house! Izzy you and LoLo look so totaly awesome in that picture!

Cory through our various calls in the mornings i fell that i have left you hanging up the phone and saying, "What does 'make it a good one' mean?" Well, it started in Merced when Dad was going back to work and Ali was missing him, so Ali and he started to say "Make us some money" to each other every moringing.

Since then it has been reduced to "make it a good one".

So, you may get occasional calls from your beloved sister in the mornings saying, "MAKE IT A GOOD ONE!!!!!!!!!!"


P.S. MAKE IT A GOOD ONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Megan & Jeremy said...

Izzy is such a little trooper! I am sure she is reacting to all the needles and medicines much better than I would. I love the pictures along with the updates - such cute girls!
Our prayers are with you guys!

Pezzi said...

Izzy, you're such a brave girl! And Lorin and Ryan, you're the best sisters! Kerri and Corey, thanks for this wonderful blog! We love the pics! Hang in there guys.... We think of you! Mike, Patricia, Elina, and Lasse

Summer said...

Dear Costleys you are in our prayers. We are glad for the blogsite updates and check it frequently. Thanks for that. We are glad to see pictures and glad to hear good news. We just watched Izzy's video and cried a little. Please let us know if there is anything at all that we can do.
We love you all and you are in our prayers.

dan and jess said...

Oh Cory, how do you do it? The video is amazing, and you and Kerri are such wonderful parents. We are never given more than we can stand, and you two must be truly choice spirits. I am glad for the improved counts, and am praying every day for you all. I found a makeup kit in the car yesterday...must have fallen out of the busy box. I'll send it on.

The Elders said...

Thanks for posting so much info on the blog, we check it often to see how you all are doing. You have the most beautiful children in the world! Lorin is a great big sister and Izzy is such a trooper! Your family is in our prayers daily.

Elsie said...

Izzy, you know what? You are getting famous in Shanghai! Ok, let me tell you Shanghai is in China. Shanghai is a city of 17 million people. And Shanghai is my hometown. I posted this blog to my blog a few days ago and today I just found my friend is writing her prayers for you on her blog! Apparently she has read that journal about you on my blog. More and more people are impressed by how brave you are! Even though they haven't met you, they are praying for you! Lots of love!

Leanne said...

I just wanted to say hi and let you know that I am thinking about you. Izzy looks so great in the pics. Just remember there is an end to this maddness. Izzy will recover and live a normal life, I see it everyday. :) You seem very organized in Izzys care and that is so important. Well I wish you all the best and think about you very often. Please give a call if you want. Leanne

Sharon said...

Dear Kerri and Cory, Thanks so much for keeping us all posted on Izzy's progress. I still can't believe it --- I'm sorry you have to go thru such a hard thing. I know that the Lord will help you cause He promised us He would not leave us when we really need Him. He would not leave us comfortless. With all the prayers and love sent your way I hope your burden will be lightend. We love you and pray for you always. The Jones

Jeremy A Maynor said...

OK, Cory, if things don't work out with this whole "business school" thing, you've got a great future in tear-jerker videos. :) The video is absolutely wonderful...what a joy to see Izzy smiling at every stage of life. I'm still sniffling.

So good to see you all today and see the kids running outside. Take care--know that we're thinking of you.

Megan, Jeremy, Chloe, Emmett and Willa.

Jenny Ludlow said...

I like Izzy's shirt in this last posting ("I'm skin n' bones...need more CANDY!") Any chance of convincing her that the 12 syringes with medicine are actually candy???

It's great to read the blog postings and see so many people who love you guys, and most of whom I've never met. To all of you in Michigan, thanks for taking care of Cory, Kerri, Lolo, Izzy, and Ryan the way we, as their immediate family, wish we could!

Love tons,

Kerri said...

Cory, Kerri, Lorin, Izzy and Ryan,
We just saw your video. It is amazing! Thank you for keeping the updates coming. You are in our thoughts and prayers every day. We are sending love from Reno!
The Hansens
Kerri, Gerry, Cathryn, JR, Jacob, Ellise and Sophie