Friday, March 16, 2007

1st Dose of Chemo

Izzy had her first dose of chemo last night. It was a rough one for both her and Kerri. Izzy's breathing was extremely shallow restricting the amount of oxygen that was getting to her body. They had to insert nose tubes in the night to pump oxygen in to her. This and other procedures kept them both up most of the night.

However, all of the positive thoughts and prayers directed Izzy's way made a huge difference. Today her labs came back with great results. Her white blood cell (where most of Izzy's cancer is) counts came way down (a great sign of the effectiveness of the chemo) from 38,000 to 13,000. Another sign of the effectiveness of the chemo is the reduction in the size of Izzy's neck by seemingly thousands of inches too. The extreme size of the lymphnodes in her neck were what first alerted us that there might be a problem before her diagnosis--think Jabba the Hut. Her Doctor said as much would happen when she started chemo.

On the side effects front, she had some nausea and vomiting last night that has subsided with medication. We haven't seen the other manifestations yet.

Dr. Connelly expects that we will be able to check out of the hospital and take Izzy home on Sunday evening.

In the afternoon, she got out and played dress up in one of the playrooms here.


Sara said...

Hi! We were all so glad to hear that Izzy's treatment has finally begun. Hopefully, we will be able to hear the good news of Izzy's arrival back home on Sunday! We are all sending lots of love and hugs to all of you!
Love, Steve, Sara, Evan, & Brandon

Jill said...

I love that Mott's has so many fun things for Izzy to do. I'm glad she has responded so quickly to the chemo. Cory & Kerri, you both are so brave and strong; Izzy is lucky to have to both as parents!
The Mitchells

LaVar Kofoed Fam said...

We love you guys! We are praying, fasting, and thinking of you. Izzy you are the most adorable little girl ever.