Thursday, March 29, 2007

3rd Dose of Chemo

Izzy, Lorin and Kerri were at the hospital all day today for Izzy's 3rd dose of chemotherapy with accompanying blood draw, doctor visit and bone biopsy. Kerri wanted to take Lorin this time so that Lorin could get an idea of what goes on with Izzy's treatment. Below are some pictures of the medical staff prepping for and taking the bone biopsy (inserting a needle about the size of a McDonald's milkshake straw into the backside of her hips). She is conscious when they take the biopsy, but she is all hopped up on sedatives and doesn't remember the procedure.

On these days, Izzy comes home ready to just veg as you can imagine. Most of the side effects we are seeing now are from the steroids and are relatively mild namely: mood swings and wolfish appetite. Izzy is quickly gaining weight in her face, which is such an interesting juxtaposition to the rail thin Izzy before cancer.


Jenny Ludlow said...

I hope you covered Lolo's eyes when they started using Izzy as a pin cushion. Nice job with strategically fuzzing Izzy's little booty on the picture. You are a photoshop master!
I'm glad David can be there this weekend. I hope he's delivering all the love that I sent with him.
Love tons,

Grandpa and Grandma Costley said...

Kerri and Cory,

Here's to hoping that with David and your mother there this weekend you can get a bit of break. An hour or so of peace would be nice, no?

All our love,


Carol and Tyler said...
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Carol and Tyler said...

This posting gives me something new to think about when I sip a mcdonalds milk shake.

I like the fuzzy bum, i hope that was a photoshop trick and not a side effect of the chemo!!

I'm a little jealous that I'm out of the visitation loop this time will come!!!! We love you!!!!

and so does she....

Coco and TyTy

monniaux family said...

sometimes we dont find the right words but be sure you are all in my prayers and i send you tons of love to hang on!

Maria Teresa said...

It is good to know that things are getting better. We will be praying.

Maria, Matias and Eduardo