Saturday, April 14, 2007

Dinner and Games with Dr. Connelly

Izzy's energy level improved this week as she only had the intrathecal chemo in her spinal tap and none put in to her blood stream. It was fun to see her with enough energy to play a little more.

However, a new side effect we are seeing is that it hurts her to use her legs. Several times she has had to use chairs or sisters to pull herself up after sitting on the ground and then hobbles around a bit.

On Wednesday, we had Dr. Connelly over for dinner and a stimulating round of Pretty, Pretty Princess, which unfortunately he didn't win--Izzy did. But we did get to see him wear plastic princess jewelry.

We now realize it probably wasn't the best decision, but in an effort to get outside--where Izzy has a lesser chance of catching something--while her counts are up and she has some energy we went to the Domino's petting farm. We had a great time. And we did some crazy post-animal-slime sanitation.


Kelsey Hill said...

Hi costley's. I absolutely loveeee that picture with Dr. Connelly in it playing pretty pretty princess! That's hilarious...i got a great laugh out of that one!! I'll have to razz him about that a little bit =] I'm glad to see that you guys had fun...and I'm extra excited to hear that Izzy's feeling a little bit better! Hope to see you soon.

Tiffany said...

Petting favorite:)We love you!
tiff and joey and jacob

Grandpa and Grandma Costley said...

If Izzy has her Aunt Tiffany's memory, the issues of the petting farm will make leukemia seem like a cakewalk!


Grandpa Costley

Amy Jex said...

Hello Costleys!
Just wanted you to know how much Izzy is in our family's prayers. The kids talk about her often and like to find out how she's doing (as do I), so thanks for posting updates. You're just the cutest family and you will influence many with the gospel through this experience. We pray for your strength as parents to get through the difficult days.
the Jex family

Jenny Ludlow said...

Cory, those pink earrings highlight your olive undertones quite well.

In Tiff's defense, Izzy had a protective metal cage between her and the beasts. Maybe you should've tried tossing her in with the goats to see how she would cope:) I particularly like the goat in the background of the picture. She looks an awful lot like the one we kidnapped from the Ludlow farm to eat the weeds in our backyard. Another one of my ingenious plans gone awry!

As far as post-petting zoo sanitization is concerned, I'm sure there are some great medicinal properties in goat snot.

Love tons,