Friday, April 6, 2007

4th Round of Chemo and Mom's Back

Kerri is back from her trip to Idaho, and I like to pretend I did a good job in her absence. Kerri had a fantastic time with her family--very rejuvenating for her--in celebration of her grandfather's life.

Izzy had her fourth round of chemotherapy yesterday. She ends up really tired and now nauseous (see pic below) for a couple of days after her treatments; but is having a good time pretending Lorin is her stallion and running her through her paces from the couch.

Starting on the week of April 15th we will be switching her long chemo days to Tuesdays as requested by our Doctor for scheduling reasons. On that Tuesday the 17th she will start her consolidation period--checking for the cancer in her central nervous system--and will likely be at the cancer clinic for 12 hours that day. We are trying to gear up for it.


Jenny Ludlow said...

David said Izzy's chubby little cheeks are even more adorable in person. We are praying that the nausea passes quickly.

Shall we FedEx a pair of knee pads for poor Lolo as she "gallops" around the house? Maybe a few folded dish towels rubber banded to her legs would to the trick. Just watch out for circulation issues. We don't want any emergency toe-ectomies!

Love tons,

Leanne said...

Hi Guys, I love the huge bowl! I am just stopping by to say hi and to let you know I am thinking of you often.
Things will get better! Izzy is such a strong little girl. I am always here if you need anything!

Leanne said...

woops HAPPY EASTER!!!!!!!

monniaux family said...

you are a super princess izzy, hang on !!
we send all our prays and thoughts to support you guys

Just like that said...

Just read about Li'l Izzy on Usha's post and went thru your posts, Cory and Kerri.

Am beyond words to think that this cherubic girl could be so seriously ill, esp since I am the mother of a 3 year old myself.

May God grant that the cancer goes away and Izzy goes on to enjoy all the good things that life has on offer.

And may the two of you stay strong for Izzy

Just like that said...

My love to Izzy.