Saturday, April 21, 2007

Dad's Head Shaved - I Told You It Would Be Ugly

Without further ado ...

Kerri shaving away.

An attempt to shave an "M" into the side of my head.

Lorin enjoying the feel.

Bald and proud (Kerri used her leg razor to really polish me up).

Surprisingly, I don't have nearly as many weird lumps in my head as I thought. A Good thing. Tonight Izzy was feeling a little sick and said to Kerri, "Maybe if you cut Dad's hair some more my fever will go away." We hope so Izz.

Besides shaving my head, the event was fantastic. There were about 100 of my fellow classmates and teachers in attendance. Again, we are overwhelmed with all of the support from so many amazing people. Thank you to all of the organizers and participants for working your tails off to help us.


Jenny Ludlow said...

Two syllables...sun...screen. You better keep that cue ball gooped up when you're in the great outdoors. You look AWESOME!!!
Love tons,
Jenny and David

Sara said...

The headshaving was definitely the highlight of last night's party! :) Kerri, you definitely did an awesome job. It has been so great to see all of you out and about enjoying the weather these past few days. Sending hugs and smiles!

Sara, Steve, Evan, and Brandon

Angela and Family said...

Bless your hearts! We wanted you to know Rob and Angela (from way back in the BYU 34th ward days) are thinking about you and praying for your sweet little Izzy! Our hearts go out to you all. Much love,
The Baird Family

Leanne said...

You look great. Izzy will think it is soooo cool when she starts to loose her hair. She will look like her dad! Sorry I could not make the event, it looks and sounds like it was a blast. It was good to see you guys for a few at the hospital. Give me a call when you want to get together for dinner! Always remember to keep a positive outlook on life! There is always hopes and dreams around every corner!

Carol and Tyler said...

Now that is one FINE looking bald man!! Let's hope Izzy has your nice curvatures!! Love you!!

Valerie Matteson said...

Glad to hear you kept your promise!! It will mean a lot to Izzy as she gets older. I think of her everytime I am at radiation or now once-a-week chemo myself!! I got my hair cut quite a bit yesterday as even though I won't lose it all they did say I might lose some!!

Take care of yourselves. You are always in our prayers. Craig & Valerie and family

Tiffany said...

Are you getting used to the wind on the scalp feeling? We hope that each of you is doing well. I was remembering just a year ago, at Carol's wedding, and each of your sweet dance moves! I can see LoLo and Izzy "jumping upstage" and "shaking" in those fantastic dance outifits!