Sunday, February 5, 2012

Izzy Gets Baptized

It has been a huge year for Izzy--really seeming to grow up and become one of the big girls.

She and Ryan get along famously and play for hours.

But then she can switch gears and really go at it with Lorin being big girls--joking around, wrestling, quoting movies, etc.
Getting baptized has been a long time coming in Izzy's mind. Every prayer we said she gave us a reminder to pray for her to get baptized soon. She learned the song "I like to look for rainbows..." and sang it beautifully with Lor and Ry at her baptism. She was ecstatic to have Grandpa Costley fly in for it.

Grandpa gave a talk with his tuning fork about the Holy Ghost--he pulled Izzy up in a seat right by him and had her giggling and displaying such a cute personality--grandpa has a knack. Cory gave a great talk about baptism and did a beautiful job with the baptism and confirmation.

Many of her friends and families came. The bishopric member who spoke and her primary teacher who gave the prayer both mentioned the light that Izzy exudes and how special of a girl she is. No doubt!

She has also been excited for her 8th birthday to come so that she could get her ears pierced like Lorin did. I didn't included the almost pulling out, and bright red faced-crying shots, but she made it and was very happy when it was all over.

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