Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Soccer, 1st grade, and finding her sense of humor

As cancer appointments have gotten fewer and further between (and taking Graf with us is a huge bonus when we do have to go), Izzy has shown that what she learned in perseverance has paid off. She has overcome some major deficits in school this year--going from an inability to write and read (due to predicted deficits post-cancer) to 100's on spelling tests and beginning chapter books. It hasn't been easy playing catch up at home or at school, but she has worked her booty off. (I have to mentioned: We owe a huge thanks to constant one-on-one help from teachers at school). Meanwhile, she has become! (I was going to list all those things she has become, but I think that pretty much sums it up :)

(Oct conference in SLC on temple square)

Kickin the crud out of a Boosterthon Fun Run...she ran 41 laps when 35 was the most they counted. No walking in over a half hour!

With some visual-spacial challenges, soccer wasn't the easiest sport to learn. She ended up scoring twice and was always the one that never quit trying. One of her goals I can still see vividly in my mind: She got a bit of a break away from about half field. When she got to the goal and gave it that last kick, it hit the side post and bounced back at her. She stopped, looked at it, slumped her shoulders very noticeably for all to see as if to say "you gotta be kiddin' me" and then kicked it on in. GOAL!! Then you should have seen her strut with her hands on her hips looking down at her cool Junebugs jersey back to center field. Man, she loves that jersey!
Happy 7 years old! Pizza party on the trampoline with good friends...what more could you want!

Mrs. Hawkins should win best teacher in the universe award. She hardly refers to Izzy with her name. It is always "sweet baby girl." Her husband passed away from cancer and she has taken Izzy in with as much tenderness as a teacher could have. Here she's proud of Izzy for singing her heart out at a school concert.


Onions...the smell of onions....the thought of onions...let alone cutting them for cheese soup make Izzy tear up. Had to get a picture of it :)
So sappy sweet for her Bo-Peep shot
Always giving somebody bunny ears

and the winner is... #4
A snowflake pose she came up with all on her own in a dress-up outfit not allowed out of the!

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