Friday, January 4, 2013

Izzy is DOWN with having FUN and turnging 9...oh yeah...and braces :D


Izzy got to have her first big birthday bash with all the friends she wanted to invite

Ryan and Izzy posing before the guests arrive
A close up in case you couldn't quite see the sass!

20 friends!!

Other things that make Izzy happy:




"I love vampires"

They were angel / deamons (Artist:  Dad)

She and her best friend, Mia, have such a good time together!

 Her teachers, Ms. Sambol and Ms. Ade

They came to the primary program in which Izzy, Lorin, and Ryan sang "I am a Child of God."

Izzy is the perfect mix of sweet and spunk as you can see by these pictures.  She has also amazed us in school thanks to a constant stream of blessings.  Battling the latent effects of chemotherapy has not been easy.  But Izzy has been decisively victorious over and over!  She most recently defeated the multiplication fact monster--memorized them faster than most of the kids in her class!

Happy Birthday Izzy!  Nothin' but love, girl! 

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