Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Hospital Update

Izzy is having a hard time with some phlegm in her chest and a hacking cough which caused her to need oxygen while sleeping last night. Thankfully though, the bloody noses have subsided and her fever has come down a bit through the night. She won't eat anything still (I think 2 bites of pancake was all she had yesterday), but is drinking plenty of water.

So, we're really hoping that the fever will go away and that we can head home before Halloween and at least party together at home since outdoors isn't going to work for her. But just in case, we have her SuperGirl costume with us--nothing cuter than a bald supergirl, right?!! :)

As for Izzy's morale, she is chatty-chattin' with me nonstop and loving me to rub her head and feet with lotion. When she is gagging and puking she says (almost everytime) "this chemo is really so hard....I don't love it." I think that's way cute. One of the student nurses this morning was sad when she saw Izzy telling me I could go ahead and give her the Lovenox shot in her leg (still bawling) and trying to hold as still as she could. Her strength is inspiring to me.

Thanks for your offers to help--I'll be calling you real soon I'm sure :)


Carol and Tyler said...

I can understand the student nurse. She'll do well to be around you guys for a little while and pick up some of your strength.

We're praying for Izzy's last little bit of intense chemo and counting down the days until we see you!!!

21 days and counting...

Can't wait to see the crazy things from Lolo in person!!!

Katie said...

Izzy and Kerri and family.....
The hospital is no fun, but it sounds as if Izzy is making the most of it. Those nurses in training need to know what real life is like, and it is a tough job, not all can do it, only the strong survive, and it is evident that Izzy is strong and surviving. Only a few days to go until maintenace. We are so envious and we wish you all the best of luck.

Sara said...

Sending tons and tons of smiles your way! I hope you are all doing okay there in the hospital! Give me a call if you need a visitor or anything else!

The boys keep asking to play with Izzy. They were so excited to go to the party today, and when we were asking them who was going to be there, they screamed
"Izzy!" :) Both Brandon and Evan were pretty disappointed when I told them she is visiting with her doctors because she isn't feeling well. I promised them we would see all of you real soon!

joey said...

I wish that I was as tough as Izzy!

tiffany said...

To follow up with Joey's comment, we wish we were as strong as Izzy and every other member of your family!

We love you!

tiff, joey, and jacob