Monday, October 29, 2007

ER / Hospital stay

Well, I spoke too soon yesterday with my blog. Izzy developed a 103 fever in the night. With her white blood cells at 200 and her platletts at 5 they promptly admitted us (3:30 a.m.). If it is that infected thumb, the antibiotics they are pumping into her (7 doses a day) will take care of it.

A couple of concerns: with her plateletts so low she has been bleeding from the nose every time she coughs; and she reacted to something (one of the meds or the platelett transfusion) with a rash and hives. Hopefully both of these things will be cleared up soon. The doctors act like they've seen both enough that they are not too worried.

We've got at least 48 hours here either way. Thanks for your concerns.


Valerie Matteson said...

Such a brave little girl with such wonderfully patient parents! Our prayers are with you all. We hope Izzy will be well enough to enjoy Halloween - always a kid's favorite!

The Matteson family

Elizabeth said...

Please call me if I can do anything for you this week. I can get Lorin to school, etc. or if you need an overnight nanny for any reason I can do that also. Let me know what I can do to help!

Brooke said...

I echo Elizabeth! We would LOVE to do anything! Please know that not only Izzy, but your entire family are always in our prayers.