Thursday, September 27, 2007

Quick Hoorah!!

Just a quick note to say that Izzy ended steroids Tuesday morning, and within 36 hours I could tell she was feeling better. Before she could not sit up on her own or focus on anything for longer than a couple of minutes, but yesterday she sat around the table coloring and learning her letters for a good 45 minutes. Lorin is very happy to have her playmate back a bit. As for the eating fetish....we'll just say it's come down a hair from her most feeding frenzy moments. Non-steroid moments are a beautiful thang! :)


Mike said...

Glad to hear she is feeling better! ~Mike and Kristen

Nina Henning said...

Kerri - great to see you out tonight at the MBW tonight, and to chat with you a bit about Izzy, organic food and environmental toxins! Now I see the physical effects of the steroids.. glad Izzy is finally off those now. take good care, Nina

Katie said...

Hoorah for no more 'roids. You will get back to your ol' self in no time. Glad you are doing so well. Think of you often and wish you much luck on finishing this intense treatment cycle. You are almost there. Keep up the fight.
Katie and Hayley Ray

Jenny Ludlow said...

The steroid monster has been conquered! Congratulations. I can't quite figure out what Lolo is doing in that picture. I'm sure it's loving and helpful, though;) I especially like the "booster seat." What resourcefulness! Miss you.