Sunday, September 23, 2007

6 more doses

We are almost done with these dang steroids. Izzy is trying desperately to keep her chin up while dealing with constant diarrhea, belly pain, and extreme hunger. She prefers laying on the couch dawn 'til dusk and puts up with some stroller walks to the park even when she tells me "I don't need any fresh air." Lotion foot rubs are her other form of exercise :) But we are rounding the bend to a steroid-free existence once again and hopefully the lucky "Buddha belly" rubbing will bring some new energy.

Other than a port-poke for a quick blood draw, she gets a break from treatment this week. Starting on October 2nd we've got a month left (including 2 spinal taps...ugh!) before Maintenance begins (which will feel like a good dream...yeah!!).

As always, we appreciate all of you and know your positive vibes are coming our way.

Steroids redistribute weight to cheeks and belly as well as cause some swelling (and of course with all the eating, she has gained about 4 pounds which is good--finally back to pre-Leuk weight)

Between low platelets and blood-thinner shots she can be a pin-cushion for Halloween :)

Cancer sisters at the cancer center. Morgan (left) and Izzy are good friends.


Tammy Kofoed said...

It is so good to see that Izzy is almost through the treatment phase. You have all gone through this like champs! Will they be able to tell when she is through with treatments if she is "clean?" You continue to be in our thoughts and prayers. We love you all.


Sara said...


Evan and I are reading your blog, and he LOVES all of the pictures. He is always excited to see your face. He said to say "love you!"

Love, Sara, Evan, Brandon, and Steve

Tiffany said...

We love you!
Too bad we don't live close enough for Jacob to go around with Izzy for Halloween! His vampire teeth would go well with her poke marks!

Hand in there!

tiff, joey, and jacob

LCM said...

Poor sweet baby. Cancer sucks! I am so glad this long stretch of steroids is almost over. What a relief when it's done. Way to hang in there.

Jenny Ludlow said...

Wow, Izzy's poor little body! I like the pin-cusion idea for Halloween. However, istn't it a bit coolish in Michigan come late October? Call me crazy, but you might want to keep those little legs covered up in the great outdoors! Love you!