Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Last Phase of Intense Chemo (2 more months)

We are back in Ann Arbor with Lorin and I starting school today, Kerri and Izzy at the cancer center and Ryan with a babysitter from church. We are busy again but excited about our last year here in Michigan. ...nobody say anything about the Appalachian State game...

We had a great time in Idaho a week ago visiting Kerri's family. Izzy was feeling really good and had a great time with her cousins, riding horses, riding four wheelers and chasing chickens. I had a great time getting bucked off of a pony. If you are feeling up for a good laugh at my expense you can check out the video here.

Izzy is in her last phase of intense chemo. The phase will last about two months. It could be a really tough one for her in that the doses of chemo are heavy, she is back on steroids and she is still getting her twice a day blood thinning shot. The steroids will likely cause a similar swelling (redistribution of her fat) in her face and stomach as the first steroids she took did. However, we are extremely grateful that she is doing so well and that we are close to being done with the intense chemo period of her treatment.


kendahl said...

Good luck, keep going :)

Valerie Matteson said...

Our prayers are with your family. We are glad to hear Izzy's treatment is almost over. Our thoughts are with you.

The Matteson family

Carolyn Hansen said...

We're right there with you. Kate is 2 weeks into her 8 week heavy duty chemo course. Her ANC is down to 120 and her appetite has picked back up. We keep checking on you and hoping you all are well

kira said...

okay. That was the funniest video EVER! I love the slo-mo and of course Kerri's laughing in the background! Ah. Thanks for posting that. I might have to go watch it again...laughter is good for ya right?
Good luck with the next round of chemo. (I'm guessing the other people who posted didn't watch the pony video 'cause I don't know how you could not comment on it!)

Carol and Tyler said...

Gotta love those kitties- huh Izzy??? How many survived this time?? :)

Love the Michigan jerseys- I'm honoring your request and won't say a word about you guys getting worked over.

We're excited for the next 2 months to be over and will be praying as hard as ever!

I love the pony riding skills, that's for sure.


Carolyn Wing said...

I was so happy to meet you today. I am Laura's grandma. My prayers are with you and your famly.

Jenny Ludlow said...

Looks like Izzy needs to give daddy some horse back riding lessons. Or maybe you tried first to show her how it's done. If so, you should think about turning it into a Bernstein Bears book...How NOT to ride a Shetland. Or, maybe we should give it a positive spin...How to not blow your ACL when getting bucked off of a Shetland.
The girls look beautiful in their Michigan gear. They got some good genes:)

Doreen said...

Soooooooo . . . . can we say something about the Oregon game?

Giddi-up cowboy. I'm so sorry that I wasn't there. I am still kicking myself. Thanks for letting us share in the pony ride.

Tawn wants to know if we should send Idaho State to play Michigan--give you some good competition.

Love, Doreen

Katie said...

Izzy and family
Keep plugging away with treatment, the end is in sight. We wish you all the best and pray for your continued strength. Keep up the good fight.
Katie and Hayley