Wednesday, November 19, 2008


So Izzy's bladder infection went promptly away with the antibiotics. She continues to have little issues like this off and on, but nothing that keeps her down. I have been amazed at her all of a sudden looking and acting so grown up and strong. For so long it seemed like she and Ryan were both 2. But within the last couple of months Izzy has skipped a few shoe sizes and 4T clothes--just in time for her big 5 year old b-day next month. She wrestles with Lorin and jumps on the trampoline like a wild woman. She also rides her bike every chance she can get and can't stand going slow. All of these things seem pretty normal for a kid, but for Izzy not being fatigued and weak is a blessing we count every day!

gorilla face -->

Going to the Zoo in November and having to strip down (see below) because you're too hot has been a really fun change-up for us :) I was lucky Ryan couldn't figure out how to get the onsie off.


J-Lo said...

Izzy, you go girl! keep on riding that bike like a mad woman. Maybe your daddy will build you some ramps you can take your bike on:)

Cassia said...

That is such wonderful news! :)

Sara said...

She's looking great, Kerri! Thanks for the update! :)