Thursday, December 13, 2007

Jolly Holidays

We have been flying high with Izzy feeling good this month. The 5 of us are having such a great time together! In particular we have done some really cool Christmassy things:

1. Izzy sang a duet with Lorin in our ward Christmas program. I tried to upload the video...didn't want to work. They did the cutest job, standing up there smiling and singing out. Granted there was a little microphone trouble, but they handled it really well. The first verse you could hear Lorin best and the second verse Izzy announced "I want to sing too" and took the microphone in which you could hear her best. Lorin just smiled and kept singing, so it was really cute.

2. The Ross MBA Partners Club and UofM Childlife specialists were able to coordinate a Christmas Store at the Cancer Center with donated gifts and volunteer helpers to bring some "shopping" fun to the kids who's counts are too low to go to regular stores. They were pumped to pick out something for each member in their families, complete with professional gift-wrapping!

3. Izzy got invited to go on a magical journey to the North Pole with other cancer kids throughout Michigan. Cory took her to the airport where they proceeded to board a plane that took off and landed at the North Pole. Santa and a huge celebration awaited them. She was on the 5:00 Channel 2 news tonight (about 5 seconds worth).

4. Finally, you've got to check this out I have one question...who are all those cute elves?


Bobbi said...

What cute little elves! Ryan's face cracks me up! lol (check out our blog to see ours) I am so glad Izzy is feeling better just in time for Christmas fun. It sounds like you have a great support system there and that is wonderful. I hope you guys have a very Merry Christmas.

Love, The Goodfellows

Jenny Ludlow said...

Cory, it doesn't look like you were dressed properly for the North Pole. What a fun posting. Love tons!

tiffany said...

What a December so far! I can just imagine you singing carols and having fun together! Good luck with finals! And I LOVE the gift store idea for the kids to be able to shop for gifts!

We love you guys!

tiff, joey, and jacob

Lisa said...

Izzy and Lorin's singing was the highlight of the Christmas party for me!

Carolyn Hansen said...

It makes me so happy to see you all having so much fun together. I love that they put on a trip to the North Pole for the kids, too. What a neat opportunity! Have a wonderful Christmas. We are still keeping you in our prayers.

Shane & Natalie Sandall said...

It looks like you have all been having a wonderful Christmas season! You all look so happy and we wish you the best this Christmas and New Year:-)