Thursday, July 19, 2007

Seizure Pictures

Cory posts... Great news. We got Izzy home from the hospital, and the test results came back that there was no permanent damage from the seizure. Here are some of the pics from the last two days and one of the freakiest pics you'll see of the 911 team--they did an amazing job--and Izzy in seizure. (See last blog post for details)

911 team and Izzy's hollow stare during her seizure

The EEG test to make sure that the seizure wasn't still happening

Scarfing down some soup after the battery of tests was done today


Sara said...

We love you guys! We are all praying that Izzy continues her quick recovery and that everything goes smoothly from here on out!

ilona said...

Thank you so much for the update. I haven't been able to get her off my mind for the last two days. We are praying for all of you and love you tons!
Ilona and family
PS. I even print off your blogs and send them to Taylor

Carolyn Hansen said...

I have been thinking about your family and Izzy constantly since I read the last post. So glad that things have improved. We pray that your lives will be less eventful in the coming months!
Carolyn Hansen (and Kate)

Colter said...

My sister and I were sitting on the couch reading the last post and just cried! Our family is thinking about you guys and are still in our prayers! Please call if you need anything! We love you!
Jill & fam

Megan Maynor said...

Holy Moley--you have all been through so much. Your kids are so lucky to have such wonderful parents who know just what to do--and can help them all deal with this surreal experience.

You must feel like this is a real endurance test--but you're hanging in there--and taking pictures no less--through it all! I really want to be close again so we can be of more help. I can't watch your kids or cook dinner from Minnesota. I mean, I suppose I could mail you dinner...but that probably wouldn't work out so well :)

We love you all--keep on keepin' on, you're doing such difficult and important work. You're nothing short of amazing and absolutely phenomenal parents.

Megan, Jeremy, Chloe, Emmett and Willa :)

Elsie said...

Izzy is so lucky having you around. hope she would get better and better...