Sunday, July 22, 2007

The Art Fair and Shot Practice

On Friday afternoon, we took the fam to the Ann Arbor Art Fair. It was a lot of fun walking on campus and downtown with the girls checking out the exhibits. The girls even spent some quality time in a fountain.

The blood thinning shots that we have to give Izzy every 12 hours to prevent seizures have turned out to be pretty horrific. Our system is to have Izzy in Kerri's lap. Kerri holds her/pins her down while Dad administers the shot. We got some advice on the least painful way of giving it to her, but to be sure I made Kerri practice on me. She tried a couple of different ways of poking me with the needle. Then Kerri might have ;) injected the blood thinner, and the blood thinner might have ;) burned like the devil himself stuck me with his pitchfork for about a minute. The poor kid has to go through it twice a day. Below is the shot of Kerri practicing, and my legs are not that white in real life--curse you camera flash. :)


Natalie & Shane Sandall said...

We just want you to know that we are thinking of you and you are in our prayers. Although we are a little upset that you were so close to us while visiting in Idaho and we didn't get a chance to see you.
P.S. Nice legs Cory! We're sure it's the flash too...ha ha!

Tiffany said...

That shot picture brings back memories of my Honduras shot days! Each of you are in our thoughts! We love you!

tiff, joey, and jacob

Sara said...

Although the shots sound like they are the pits, we were so glad to read that you were able to make it out and have fun this weekend. Hopefully this last week apart flies, and then you will have over a month together to chill out before school starts! Sending lots of smiles your way!

Sara and all the fellas

Jill said...

Kerri, I you really could be a nurse! You are amazing! Poor Izzy! Hopefully she won't have too much memory about all these horrible medications and shots she has been taking! She's a trooper!

Megan Maynor said...

So good to see you all out enjoying some time together! Those shots sound tough--Izzy is just amazing going through all this. She deserves the biggest ice cream cone on the planet--twice a day. :)

And Cory needs a tan.

(hee hee)

--The Maynors Five

The Cherry Family said...

Good luck with all those shots. I'm so sorry you guys have to do them. But I guess it is better than seizures. Hang in their Izzy!!!!