Monday, June 18, 2007

In the Hospital

We are back at Mott 7 (aka cancer floor of the Children's Hospital) thanks to a fever and a really weird speach impediment that all started Friday and progressively got worse over the weekend. The fever is not a huge thing--they expect a few of them when she is "neutrapenic" (blood counts at rock-bottom). It is protocol to admit her for 48 hours and make sure nothing grows on the cultures they draw.

But the speach issue has everybody stumped. I can't describe it very well, so bear with me. She is no longer able to say her p's t's b's c's...ok everything except the m, n, and ing that come out her nose. I can't understand her for the most part. So they did a neck x-ray, cat scan, and an MRI--worst case scenario would be a mini-stroke due to the PEG Asparaginase (chemo) causing clotting issues with her blood. Luckily the tests all came back with no huge indication that this is the case.

So we are waiting and watching. Meanwhile kicking back in Izzy's home away from home (the same room we were in at her initial diagnosis) watching movies and eating cheetos. The nurses all come in vying for Izzy's shift and remind her how lucky her parents are to have such a beautiful and sweet girl. She is an amazing little angel.


Sara said...

Yuck! I wish I was there to come visit you at the hospital. I hope that the next time you write, it involves a victorious statement about you being home and everything being resolved. Give me a call if you want to chat, Kerri. In the meantime, I will keep praying for all of this to clear up in no time! Sending hugs!

LCM said...

I am so sorry you guys are up there. It seems like it happens a lot. Just enjoy the cheetos and the time together.
I am glad you found out about the problem with the vincristine! It made me too weak to walk when I had it. Good luck! Hurry up and get home, huh?