Monday, June 18, 2007


A quick note...we have all breathed a little sigh of relief hoping we have found out the cause to Izzy's articulation issues. The Vincristine (chemo) she has been getting for the last 2 months has a really rare side effect (they had to dig to find evidence of) in which temporary nerve damage can happen in her neck--the same nerve that controls the soft pallett on the top of her mouth which explains exatly what the speach pathologists are seeing with her examinations. could last 3 months or a few weeks. The waiting game again, but at least we have an idea of what it is. Phew! The upside, we get to play charades non-stop :) Thanks for your prayers.


angelic pursuits said...

I'm so glad you were able to find out the cause, and that it won't be temporary. Thanks for letting us know about the side effect. I've been thinking and praying about you a lot today.

Jenny Ludlow said...

I'm glad to hear that us speech pathologists can come in handy, at times:) I'm sending prayers and positive vibes your way.
Love tons,

kira said...

holy cow what a scare. It sounds like you are doing a pretty good job of staying positive. You are such a great example! Love you!

Carol and Tyler said...

Izzy, now you can start talking like Pete's Dragon...Hey, "Bloo, bloo, bloo bloo bloo blooo...." I love you too!!!!

The Cherry Family said...

Kerri, I'm glad they were able to figure out what it was. What a weekend, huh?

Mike, Katie, Brooke, Megan, and Evan said...

I just talked to Cory tonight briefly, and wanted to also reach out to you and let you know we are thinking of your family and praying for you. We were so hoping you could all be down here together so we could get to know you better this summer, but we'll hope that perhaps next year that can happen.

In the meantime, best of luck to you with all your travels and divided family this summer!

Katie and Mike Baird