Sunday, May 6, 2007

Dance, Dance

As evidence of her feeling better, Izzy decided to join in the fun last night during a mini-Dance, Dance Revolution party with her Sunday School teachers. For those of you not in the know, Dance, Dance Revolution is a video game that has you stomping on a game pad to various musical tunes trying to step on the right arrows at just the right time. It was a lot of fun to see her using those spindily legs to mash the game pad arrows. If you look closely you can see the increase in concentration on her face in this series of pictures.

Izzy's next big chemo day (12 hours at the clinic) is on the 15th of May. Her consolidation period, which has been some pretty intense chemo targeted at her central nervous system, should be ending at the beginning of June. After that she will start another induction period during which she'll only need chemo every 10 days. We're hoping her counts will be high enough that she will be able to make a quick trip with Kerri to Idaho and Utah to see our families.


Yuiko said...


Thank you for keeping us posted on Izzy's progress. Izzy looks very cute in these pictures! I have been very impressed that how brave Izzy and you and your family are fighting against the difficult situation. I will keep praying for Izzy.

Carol and Tyler said...

That concentrated face reminds me of someone else in your family when they play computer games. Where, oh where, could she have picked that up?????

Tiffany said...

Way to go Izzy! All you need now is the tounge stuck out to the side!

monniaux family said...

hey izzy, so will you be a princess or a star of showbusiness when you will be a grownup ?
this game seems like a lot of fun..
we keep you in our thoughs sending you courage and tons of love

Jenny Ludlow said...

If you click on the third picture to zoom in, you'll see that Izzy is in fact sporting the good old tongue-sticking-out-to-the-side-while-you-concentrate. Like father, like daughter.
Cory, Kerri, Lolo, Izzy, Ryan, we love you!!!
Love tons,
Jenny and David