Thursday, October 15, 2009


Izzy started kindergarten, learned to ride a bike, and lost her first tooth!!

So we are 6 weeks past due on this post.

Kindergarten Story: Izzy's brain and body have awaken! Since chemotherapy ended she has lost a pound and gained an inch. She has also had the energy to go a full day at school (8 to 3) and come home wanting to do more school work! Mrs. Hodges has been a total blessing--Izzy loves her! She told me she wishes all her students were as eager to learn and content to sit, listen, and smile as Izzy.

Bike Story: We started with a tiny bike--the one that Lorin learned on and then noticed Izzy and Lorin are different! (like opposites!) Lorin can peddle 150 cycles a minute...Izzy prefers a stroll. So we got her on a bit bigger bike and she caught on quickly--great to see some physical coordination come around. Now she rides to school with Lorin in the mornings and can't get enough! (pic coming soon)

Tooth Story: A week ago Izzy came to me pumped to say she found a loose tooth. This is something she's been wishing for since Lorin lost her first. I thought it would hang in there a while, but she came home from school yesterday tooth in hand--she had wiggled it out on her own during class! The tooth fairy took care of a very happy girl that night :)


Elizabeth said...

Your girls are getting SO big! Good tip for the bikes, Ace is just like Izzy, and Collin like Lorin (are you surprised?!), so maybe we should try a different bike. :)

Sara said...

So glad to hear Izzy is doing so well! Kindergarten is so much fun, especially when you have a big sister to ride to school with. :)