Tuesday, March 3, 2009

So close to done!

Izzy had her second to last spinal tap. I'm guessing she's had close to 30 of them. We're so close to July 10th we can taste it. She wasn't thrilled about the PJ getup this particular hospital has for her, but sweet and submissive as usual and thrilled that they let her keep the yummy smelling breathing apparatus.

I found Izzy all dutied up in red one evening--hot date or something :)


Megan said...

YAYYYYYYYY! It's pretty great seeing that little green bar getting so close to the end. Nice work Izzy. Also, nice lipstick. :)

Carol and Tyler said...

we are counting down the days too..that means a visit!!!!!! She 's looking GREAT!!

Carolyn Hansen said...

Can't believe that the journey is almost over! Has anything ever taken so long and at the same time passed so quickly? Izzy looks absolutely perfect. We can't wait for July 10th. Our final day is July 4th!
Carolyn Hansen and Kate too

Megan and Jeremy said...

I am lovin' these pictures of Izzy-she looks so happy and full of life! (you guys better watch the boys because they'll be lining up!) July will be a month to celebrate :)