Saturday, August 2, 2008


OK, it's time to move to a family blog for our general family blogging. So go to for an update of our summer fun and our becoming Texans. I will continue to keep y'all updated on Izzy's health here:

We have been very blessed as Izzy has gotten through half a year of Maintenance Chemo with only 2 ER runs and a hospital stay. The rest of the time she has felt amazing for having cancer and has been able to be a kid again. Our hearts go out to Morgan--one of our best cancer friends from Ann Arbor--who is taking some of her last breaths. She is 13 and adored Izzy so much so that she would bring a gift for her every cancer center day in hopes of a smile and a hug. Morgan is one of those kids I will never forget. (shot from last fall--steroid buddies :)

Izzy had quite the summer:

Boating at Bear Lake with Grandma and Grandpa Costley

Spending some precious last moments with Grandpa Kofoed

Playing the days away with cousins

Moving to Texas--loving sleeping upstairs in a pink room with Ryan

Now she is on to a new hospital and the works. This Thursday, the 7th, she will get her spinal tap and start the dreaded monthly 5 day dosage of steroids. We are praying for a good experience at the Dallas Children's Hospital. I'll keep ya posted :)


Sara said...

Glad to hear Izzy is doing so well, but we are so sad to hear about Morgan. When I met her in December, she was such a wonderful, kind-hearted girl. I will be sure to keep her and her family in my prayers.

J-Lo said...

I never met Morgan, but I'm sad to hear the news. It must be tough to know why outcomes are so different. Good thing the Lord knows.

Hubers said...

So fun to get a new house. I am sorry about Izzy's friend Morgan.
Our best wishes for her family.

Valerie Matteson said...

Izzy and your family are forever in our prayers. My 3-month checkup is tomorrow and I hope the test results will continue to be negative. We anxiously await also the arrival of our new grandson. Love to you all! The Mattesons

Megan Maynor said...

Thanks for the note about Morgan, Kerri. You know, Izzy is just trooping along so well (ER setbacks and all) that I forget that it doesn't always go so well for everyone else with leukemia. I got to see Morgan at the Christmas event at the hospital. She obviously loved to hang out with Izzy--like a cool older cousin. We'll be thinking of her this week.


Carolyn Hansen said...

So glad that things are going well for your family. Morgan's story made me cry (of course) and at the same time feel grateful that our little girls are in a good place. We continue to pray that Izzy stays strong!

Derrick and Angie said...

We are glad to hear Izzy is doing well and you are all moved and everything. We had wonderful experiences with Children's in Dallas and we are hoping you do too. We are only a couple hours away from you Texans now, so let us know if your ever up our way in Oklahoma, and we will do the same. We look forward to your updates so much!
The Whitings

Carolyn Hansen said...

Kate does do the steroids for 5 days every month still. In fact, we are headed to the clinic tomorrow for chemo, IVIG and abx transfusions. She will also begin the dreaded 5 days of steroids. We still hate them but are SOOOOO glad that we never have to do a month of them again. Remember how horrible that was? So good to see your family happy and enjoying life!