Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Goodbye UofM Cancer Center

Today was our last Cancer Center appointment before the move and it was very hard to say Goodbye to these special friends. I have never met a more concentrated group of amazingly selfless and empathetic people.

It was Pajama Party at the Cancer Center today. Dr. Connelly was upset he didn't get the memo. Dr. Connelly and Izzy have a race down the hall after each check. He usually cheats and grabs a medicine push-cart to roll on--all in hopes that Izzy will bust up laughing. Their giggle sessions together are a unique experience.
Judy is our Spinal Tap lady--thanks to how patient and loving she is, Izzy doesn't hate her for how bad those hurt. In fact she's a favorite!

Marcia takes care of all of Izzy's infusions and transfusions--we spend a lot of time getting TLC from her. She must never have a bad day--always happy!
More of our happy cancer center family. Jessica in the bottom right is a Childlife Specialist and becomes mommy to my children as soon as we step in the room. Izzy adores her. For me to get to talk to doctors, check email, or read a book is her goal--ready to take her to Dallas with me :)

I think we're the only non-employees who have a free pass back into the offices (we get in trouble if we don't sneak back and say hi). Anne made Izzy this blanket. Lorri, Lori, Deb and others shower Izzy with gifts every time they see her (Think Christmas once a month). As soon as they send pictures ;), I'll post a few more "family" faces.


tiffany said...

Wow! Last appointment! Although we don't know the members of the team, they are in inspiration and a light. Thank you to them for the light and love they bring to this world! Thank you to each of member of your family for choosing to share love through such a trial!

Nicole said...

Yea! that is so exciting to be done...yes so bittersweet to leave the ones who loved you so dearly during such a trial! izzy looks great! one day in the somewhat near future i'm going to be your neighbor in dallas!!! good luck with the move!

Sara said...

Wow... bittersweet I am sure. I can't even believe that it is time for you to start saying goodbye. But how exciting - this phase of your journey is over!

J-Lo said...

What a momentous occasion! It’s so good to know that while family couldn’t be near, you were still immensely loved and cared for. Now, on to the next big adventure…we’ll race you to the southern U.S.!

LCM said...

Isn't it tough to leave your first hospital? It was very sad when we left ours. I like our program better, but it's tough being in a bigger place where we haven't had that much interaction with the health care providers. But it's much easier when you're on maintenance to go to the doctor's. Are you guys going to Dallas? We moved from Oregon to Houston Texas!

The Yost Family said...

We're excited to have you here in the big D!