Saturday, March 22, 2008

Kalahari Waterpark and Easter

We continue to try and party as much as possible with Ann Arbor friends before we move and while Izzy is feeling well. We spent Thursday night in a 3-room suite at an indoor waterpark in Ohio with the Maynors and the Ingmires. We had such a fun time! Izzy was full-on swimming (coming up for air when needed) for the first time.

We celebrated Ryan's 2nd birthday and Willa's first while we were there.

The girls have loved the Easter festivities!
Friday Night / Saturday Morning the Easter Bunny came and hid our shoes (a long-time Kofoed tradition) and each girl's treasure hunt notes and dropped off some candy.
(The candy has put them into a trance apparently.)

I thought this was a cute shot of Izzy's hair growth.


Seth and Sharon said...

Two cheers for the Kalahari! I'm glad you enjoyed it! Happy Easter!

Anonymous said...

Dang you guys are having to much fun! I am so glad that Izzy is feeling so good. Love you guys
We hope you had a great Easter
Love ya all

Bobbi said...

Izzy is looking so good. :) Where are you guys moving to?

The Cherry Family said...

Love Kalahari! I recognize that mural in the background. I'm so glad you guys had fun!

Mike said...

Nice "blue steel" pose... maybe if McKinsey doesn't work out you can go back to A&F :-)

tiffany said...

Living it up! I love it! Jacob just had some hair styling with Carol and KK. Wait until those two get their hands on Izzy. She will have all kinds of style options!

*NaTaLiE SaNdaLL* said...

What a fun Easter! You guys look so happy! We hope to catch up with you guys soon, it's been too long!