Saturday, August 11, 2007

High Counts, Low pounds

We were happy to find Izzy's counts relatively soaring yesterday. March through May she had about a dozen transfusions between platletts and blood and in June she had about 6 transfusions. But her body is finally picking up the pace and she hasn't needed any blood or platletts for July and August. Now we just have to figure out how to get her to gain some weight. She was at her lowest yesterday...25.7 pounds (Ryan weighs about 24 right now) and her 3T shorts drop to her ankles when she runs (it's actually really cute). The problem is nothing tastes good to her anymore and I guess that's common through this phase. So I let her have a dinner of brownies if that's what she wants. Extra butter, tons of cheese, chocolate milk galore, and full meals at bedtime. I'm sure the rest of us are gaining the weight she's losing :)

So to celebrate high counts and feeling good we FINALLY took Izzy to Chuck E Cheese. Since her first week in the hospital back in March she has been wanting to go. But low counts and scuzzy arcade games don't match. So yesterday was a huge treat for all of us (especially when high on excessive hand-sanitizer and clorox wipes). And Izzy ate 2 1/2 peices of that good 'ol Chuck E Cheese pizza...another win!

I also wanted to thank all y'all again. We have continued to recieve abundant donations, amazing gifts, and dinners sometimes 3 times a week. We could not feel more grateful for the constant show of emotion and generosity. Thank you thank you thank you!


kira said...

That is great news! I can imagine that she has her moments, but it seems like she really is such a trooper. What a great inspiration! Hope she enjoys her "diet"...wish that I had to gain weight!

Tiffany said...

Finally made it to Chuck-e-Cheeze! What an accomplishment. We are sending each of you our love. Hang in there!

tiff, joey, and jacob

Sara said...

It sounds like you are all doing fantastic! Brandon and Evan are very jealous of your trip to Chuck E. Cheese; they can't wait to try it out themselves! See you soon!!! :)

Megan Maynor said...

It's really unfathomable all that Izzy's body has been through with all the transfusions and everything else. And there she is, rockin' it at Chuck E. Cheese! Amazing. The kids look great! We're getting ready to hug 'em in person in a couple weeks!

The Maynor Five

Megan & Jeremy said...

That's wonderful :) I hope Izzy gains some weight soon but how cool to have brownie's for dinner! Glad ya'll could have some fun at good ol' chuck e cheese!

Carolyn Hansen said...

So glad to hear that Izzy is on an upswing. We hope that the counts and weight continue upward!
Love, The Hansens